Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow organizations to experience rapid growth; both within its sector or location, as well as expanding to new fields and new locations. In order to understand the true cost and benefit of the M&A process, accurate understanding of business valuation and acquisition/merger costs is required. Once integrated, the acquired company will be charged with protecting the same information, and will be subject to the same regulations, as the parent company. M&A processes therefore need to quantify the costs which will be required to bring the acquired company’s information security controls and procedures in line with the parent company.


The Gemini Information Protection Assessment (IPA) allows organizations to assess the information protection capabilities of their acquisition targets as a part of the M&A process. By assessing the acquisition target against your own policies and the regulations you must comply with, it is possible to understand and quantify the gaps that will need to be closed before the acquired company can adequately protect your information. This can inform the M&A process with both costs and timeframes for implementation. And the Gemini Information Protection Program can be leveraged to create a proactive plan to bring the acquired company’s practices and procedures in line with the parent.

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