Different types of organizations can see different value propositions for the IPA. We have helped organizations of every size — from small startups to large enterprises — better understand how they protect information. Cloud service providers, medical software producers, accountants, and pharmaceutical companies have all seen the benefit of the IPA…

…as a self-assessment tool Organizations with strong regulatory requirements, or a need to protect the confidential information of others can see value in the IPA as a self-assessment tool. The IPA guides strategic investments in security and allows risk management to become more proactive and less reactive. Additionally, organizations who are subject to assessments and audits by customers can use the IPA to be better prepared and do less work for every audit cycle.
…as a tool to assess others Organizations that are performing outsourcing, including moving technical services to the cloud, can see value in the IPA as a tool to assess others. The IPA identifies the risks inherent in sharing information and network connections with business partners and other third parties. It can be used to differentiate between vendors, to inform contracts, and perform gap analysis between your policies and your partners’ practices. Additionally, organizations that grow by acquisition can use the IPA as a way to measure the ability of the acquired company to protect the parent company’s information. This can be used to better calculate the total costs of merger/acquisition by including funds needed to bring the acquired company’s policies and practices into line with the parent.
…to provide on-going value The IPA captures the current state of affairs at a point in time. The IPA findings can be updated on a regular basis to keep the information current, and can be used to track progress against your information security plan. Gap analysis is simplified by an up-to-date IPA; we use the information already captured in the IPA to identify how policy requirements are or aren’t met by the protections in place.

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